3.1 Venice Contributing Author in Standing Rock, ND

A friend and contributor to this magazine (Vol. 4), Eddie Webb, has been in Standing Rock, North Dakota, participating with tribes and supporters from across the US and around the globe. This is a historic gathering to protect the environment as-well-as the human rights of all people. Webb is a respected member of the Keetoowah tribe, a professor, and a documentary filmmaker. In his discussions with the leaders of the camp he has found a consensus that they do not see themselves as media but as storytellers.

"… we are the storytellers. Storytellers complete the circle. The speech-makers, the Holy people, the elders, the warriors, the life-givers and the storytellers all have an equal place in the nations. We are the storytellers, the thinkers, the interpreters and we give voice to those who need to be heard."

— Edi Webb

This peaceful gathering, which is committed to nonviolence, is comprised of over 90 tribes with the intent of actively protecting the land. Through songs and prayer, they have put out a call to pay attention, to hear their stories and to think about the actions which are taking place now. Edi Webb has produced a few short films which provide some insight into this moment. https://vimeo.com/182807872

#StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL